the lucky stars go to town





Sage Guyton
sage guyton Sage Guyton sings, wrestles with an acoustic guitar, and writes a majority of the band's original material. Though he imagines himself the "leader" of the group, most important band decisions are, in fact, made behind his back by the rest of the band members during secret late-night meetings. As a frontman, his avuncular personality and hospitable, upbeat vocal style help to create the energetic yet easy going atmosphere that has become the band's trademark. Never one to shy away from ridiculous rhymes or gratuitous word play, Sage has a wayward way with words, and his songwriting has received accolades and tirades by wisemen and fools, respectively.

Dave Stuckey
dave stuckey Dave "Pappy" Stuckey is the latest addition to The Lucky Stars' all-star lineup. Though best known as a singer and songwriter of the seminal L.A. Hillbilly band, The Dave & Deke Combo, and more recently, Dave Stuckey & The Rhythm Gang, it turns out that this multi-talented character can play drums to boot! The Lucky Stars first discovered Pappy's (well hidden) talent when they needed a last-minute fill in on drums for the Buckingham Palace Barn Dance. His nuanced brushwork and blazing paradiddles so impressed the band (and the Queen Mother herself) that they asked Pappy to fill in full time, where he can be found to this very day governing the band's swinging rhythm section from his rightful throne.

Wally Hersom
wally hersom Highly prized Bass fiddleman Wally Hersom, known to many as an original member of Big Sandy's band, joined up with the Lucky Stars outfit several years back, bringing his well-honed style and expertise to the band's rhythm section. His driving talent (on top of the beat as well as behind the wheel) assures that the band is always in and on time. This lanky, bespectacled California native, a one-time state arm wrestling champion, helps to pad the band's treasury (raise band funds) by separating unsuspecting bikers from their cash in impromptu high-stake barroom bouts. Wally's legendary status and low-profile antics make him a popular favorite with the young folks who can often be heard chanting his name between songs at the band's many live performances.

Russ Blake
russ blake Russ Blake is the tacit guitar player The Lucky Stars spent over five years searching for and it wasn’t because he was hiding either. In fact he had been right in front of them the entire time heckling and taunting them from the audience at nearly every show. After one such evening of particularly cruel abuse, Sage pulled this guy aside after the show and asked if there was any way that he could be persuaded to stop his scathing remarks. “Sure thing,” replied Russ, “Just let me play guitar in your band and I won’t say another word again.” We did and he hasn’t, but now his eloquent musical phrasing and twin-guitar retorts have become an integral part of the Lucky Stars’ aural tapestry.

Dan Weinstein
dan Who’s that up on the bandstand laying down the swinging fiddle solos and jumping cornet riffs? Dan Weinstein, that’s who! Dan has been lending his considerable talents and energy to Lucky Stars performances and recordings for quite some time now, and is long overdue for his rightful spot on this band biography page. He can play nearly any musical instrument in nearly any musical style, and does so nearly every night of the week with a myriad of different bands across the Los Angeles area. If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing him with The Lucky Stars, give yourself a quick kick and then hobble out to catch his fiery antics at the next show; his hot playing will make you forget all about your sore shin, and have you out on the dance floor in no time!

Jeremy Wakefield
jeremy wakefield The often late, but always great Jeremy Wakefeld plays a Bigsby steel guitar (and how), proving the age-old adage that 'three necks are better than one." Since joining up with The Lucky Stars some four years ago, he has become an internationally known and respected young talent in that field. Also an accomplished vocalist, old J.W. sings a few songs every set, usually causing a collective swoon from the female members as well as a collective rolling of the eyes from the band members. Jeremy's artistic skill was exploited by the band when he was tricked into designing both 45 record jackets, as well as The Lucky Stars matchbook covers, tee shirts, etc...